In-Person Worship

In-Person Guidelines

We will meet in person on Sunday.

The following restrictions and guidelines will be in place. These are based on the Indiana Department of Health's worship guidance dated 6/27/2020.

• Individuals who are 65 and older or who have an underlying at-risk health condition must determine their comfort level to attend. Each Sunday's sermon recording will be available on our web page within 24 hours.

• No Sunday School, no choir, no meals to ensure 6 feet distancing

• No hugging, handshakes, or other types of physical greetings

• Ensure 6 feet between individuals or family units of the same households

• Require a face covering before entering the building. Masks will be available.

• Certain pew rows will be closed to ensure 6 feet distancing

• Only the front door will be used for entry/exit. All other doors will remain locked.

• Automated hand sanitizers available at entry point and near restrooms.

• Members and guests encouraged to sanitize their hands upon entering the building

• Members and guests do not enter if they are symptomatic or if they tested positive for COVID-19

• No handouts (like bulletins, announcements, etc.)

• Communion and collection plates will not be passed to avoid contact

• Offering plates will be available to place ("drop") offering upon entry/exit

• We will dismiss services in a way that supports social distancing (like a wedding)

• Everyone should follow best hygiene practices

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Indiana_COVID-19_Worship Guidance_6.27.20.pdf